Who we are

What are we like? How to choose the best words to tell you who we are? How to put in words our photograph identity that is the light of our essence, that is the soul that we wish to show you?

We are Carlos and Vera. A father. A Mother. Different graduations, the same role in life. A Degree in Design and Communication, a post-graduation in Marketing. A Degree in Business Management. Creative, emotional, dreamy. Analytical, rational, realistic. These seem to be some good words. We inherited the value of respect, rigor, passion, loyalty, solidarity and friendship. We believe these are good values. We are happy and the family is our strongest link. Our sons, Rodrigo and Gonçalo, are an inspiration to us!

Business goals do not inspire us, and as such, our priority is to do what we enjoy, offer images to those who feel the picture as something special, who are aware of the importance of registering eternal memories. Our way on the photography does not have the history and the glamor of other photographers. It comes with the birth of our first son, Rodrigo, and since that unforgettable day we dedicated our time to create unforgettable moments: memories. We are focused on developing our way on photography. We have given some steps on a way that we wish to be big and successful. This way has become in our family, enlarged to friends, then to friends of friends and, step by step we created our identity.

Parenthood turn all the photos we take special and unique. It is an unspeakable blessing, creating emotional links with fascinating people who rely on our work, establishing links and sharing stories, giving birth to a unique album of photos.

We love what we do and feel we will be fulfilled one day, when some of these babies, remember our names. >