We do pregnant sessions, newborn, toddlers, children and families. All sessions held by us have a single principle, offer parents and babies a poetic and magical time so that they can later review their own moments. In this sense our sessions are extremely simple and relaxed and each detail is adjusted to each session and each picture is treated as unique. Our focus is on maternity and newborn sessions. These are two special moments that most of the times give rise to a friendship, which implies offering other sessions such as baby, child and family. It will be a pleasure to share with you what we like to do, having you in our studio, where we can record unique and unrepeatable moments.

We love motherhood and taking photos that show the magic, the happiness and beauty of this time. The future mom has a light and serenity that is reflected in the light of the eyes of others. Pregnancy is the time when a very close relationship with the baby starts and that grows every day, and grows even before the day of birth. Pregnant sessions can be in the studio or outdoors, in special in the middle of mother nature that inspires silence, peace, water, that is to say ... the absolute purity.

The birth of our child is probably the most important event of all. Register this moment is the most sublime way to keep it forever in our memórias.As sessions newborn are always in our studio because they require a controlled and appropriate environment for the age of the newborn.

Portraying families, babies and children are certainly the following steps of a pregnant and new-born session. We are always happy when this happens because it shows that a genuine friendship has been created. These sessions can be taken in our studio or outside, preferably where you feel more comfortable.

The pictures taken during a session imply not only hours of earlier preparation, but also session time and hours of digital management. Each picture is the result of many hours of specialized training, investment in photographic equipment, accessories, software, studio, etc. The price of the sessions has been suitably calculated taking into account all these aspects.

At the end of the sessions our customers are free to choose from a variety of items that include photographs, albums, posters, among others.